Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Report to Prom -- Totem Pole

It the first day a spring. It wasn't to cold, and not to warm. The air was still.  The smell of flowers was over whelming. The white roses were the only choice in my head. I found the perfect bouquet of white roses. I left the store and put the roses with the pink pillow pet that I had bought the night before. Walking into school I felt  very confident. I went into my class and put the flowers in the closet. Study hall came rolling around. I started to get anxious. I strolled out of study hall and made my way to the closet where I had kept the flowers and pillow. I made my way to where my potential prom date was waiting. I entered the classroom with my gifts and a pass I had made. "Student must report to prom" the pass read.  The teacher allowed me into the classroom. I stepped up to the girl and handed her the note and placed the pillow pet and flowers on her desk. She came to her feet and gave me a hug letting me know it was a yes. My first year going to prom was, starting off good.

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