Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Candy Jar Drawing

This project made me worry about drawing small details in the candy wrappers. Im not good at paying attention to small details. Drawing this projecteas fun it I can't decide whether I liked this project or drawing the bike. Both of these project were big learning experiences for me. 

Bicycle Drawing🚲

The bicycle drawing was a big struggle for me at the beginning. I didn't believe i could handle drawing the bike with such great detail. I wasnt too sure about shading as well.  When we did thumbnail drawings in class I thought my drawing was horrible. As we started our real drawings i was proud with how my drawing had improved. i am very happy with the outcome if my bike drawing.  There is an enourmous improvment in my drawings from beginning to end. This improvment only took about two weeks. This class is really changing my look on my artistic skills.