Thursday, June 12, 2014

Farewell to Art

This year I learned a lot about my art skills. I learned patience when trying to draw something with detail. This class taught me a lot with some help from Mrs. Kiick. My book for the end of the year is made up from thing that came from the beginning to the end. My work has changed a lot. Just in the first few months I noticed how much has changed  with my work, patience, and so much more. This class was a great learning experience. I look foward to spending another year with Mrs. Kiick next year for my final year of high school

Time Capsule

The time capsule project was very interesting. Certain contents of my box were put in with anger toward thing or someone and had already chenges before the capsule was even sealed. My box is covered in product emblems that I use or like now. It will be amazing to see what products I use then and as how much they have changed. Things change sock over one year, so it will be crazy to see it in 20 years. The things in my box have changed for me over the school year.